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Is It OK for MFTs to Talk about S-E-X?

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) sometimes worry about broaching the topic of sex. This vital part of their clients’ relationships needn’t be a concern for therapists who have useful tools for engaging discussion about sexual topics. Helping clients see sex in a lager relational sense rather than a dysfunctional, performance based context can help alleviate […]

Gina Ogden Honored with AASECT Professional Standard of Excellence Award

2013 AASECT Awards By CORY SILVERBERG Reprinted from Contemporary Sexuality, AASECT Newsletter July 2013 Each year AASECT members are invited to submit candidates for the annual AASECT awards, which recognize excellence in the sexuality field. One of the highlights of our annual conference is the awards luncheon, which this year took place on Saturday June […]

Gina talks about the ISIS approach

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How does sex feel? What does it mean in your life?

How is it for you…really? Most sex surveys ask questions about performance—how big? how many? how often? But sex isn’t all about what scientists are able to count and measure. Sex has a heart and soul, too—at any age, whether or not you have a partner. The big picture of sex looks like… Hear Gina […]

Sex Therapy for Married Couples

Innovative Sex Therapy for Married Couples who are “Faking It” We’ve all heard about faking orgasm.  Forty-eight percent of American women do it, says a 2004 ABC News poll; 72 percent, says the online magazine Slate in its 2000 orgasm survey.  Sex-therapist Carol Ellison reports about 70 percent in her book Women’s Sexualities, which is […]

Sex Therapy for Abuse Survivors: Reconnecting with Desire

Factoring in Defenses is Key to Effective Sex Therapy for Abuse Survivors When women have experienced sexual abuse, sexual desire may cause pain instead of pleasure.  So it’s natural to develop rigid defenses to keep from being hurt.  Over my years of doing sex therapy with abuse survivors, I’ve learned how infinitely resourceful women can […]

On the 10th Anniversary of 9/11–Making Peace with Our Bodies

In response to the terrorist attacks on the glittering blue and gold morning of September 11, 2001, I turned off the TV images of destruction and drove to the ocean to seek comfort and grounding. Within the hour I was at Singing Beach in Manchester, Massachusetts, which holds deeply nurturing little-girl memories for me. I’d […]

“Working Harder Than Your Clients” Teleseminar

Thanks to all who were on the phone with us on August 23rd.  If you weren’t able to be with us live, please listen now!

Spiritual Sex with a Difference—Connecting with Your Inner Animal Can Shift Your Relationships into High Gear

Becoming a More Spiritual Lover Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be an Angel Sometimes spiritual sex relationships just happen, like a puff of wind blown in by the Good Witch of the North.  You suddenly have a sense of merging with your lover.  You feel expanded into a larger time and space.  You find yourself […]

Spiritual Sex Connection—Contemporary Wisdom from Stonehenge and other Ancient Stone Circles

For much of last June, I had the pleasure of wandering around many of Britain’s stone circles and other sacred monuments.  This was a manifestation of a long-held dream, begun in the 1960s, when I was driving from London to Bath England with my four-year-old son, and we came face to face with Stonehenge, looming […]

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